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Recognizing Mental Illness: Top 10 Signs and Symptoms Explained by Miss. Anum Khalid

How To Control Daily Vaginal Discharge | Vaginal Care Tips | Dr. Taqdees Iftikhar

Back Pain | How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain | Hindi/Urdu | DR. Zeeshan Ali Khan Akhunzada

Dr Yasir Umer | Knee Ligament Injuries - Overview | Hindi/Urdu

Acne vulgaris | Pigmentation and Treatment | Urdu/Hindi

Type of Hepatitis | Hepatitis B Treatment & Cure | Hepatitis B Kaise Hota Hai?|Hindi/Urdu

High Cholesterol level | Diabetes & Heart Diseases | Urdu/Hindi

Discover Effective Solutions for Headache Cerebral Pain | Expert Insights by Dr. Naveed Ullah Khan"

How to manage Diabetes with healthy diet? | Weight Loss, Weight Gain | Urdu/Hindi

Loose Motion/Diarrhea: Causes & Treatment in Kids| Hindi/Urdu

Kidney Diseases, Symptoms, and Treatment | Dr. Syed Ahmed Tirmizi

Unlocking Anaemia: Exploring Symptoms and Cure with Dr. Syed Hurr Hussain Hamdani

Dengue Fever Treatment and Management | Dengue Vaccine | Dengue Bukhar ka Ilaaj in Urdu/Hindi

Health Tawk | Episode 01 | medIQ X DEAFTAWK | Bridge The Gap

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