Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness Program

Our Employee Wellness Program is a dynamic digital healthcare solution that integrates mental & physical health components, tailored for corporations aiming to thrive & achieve success.

Why MedIQ Corporate Wellness Program?

Holistic Well-Being

Go beyond physical health and embrace every dimension of well-being

Customizable & Configurable

Build a wellness program tailored to your organization

Ahead of The Competition

Set a new standard for employee wellness with better engagement and health outcomes

Dedicated Account Management

Let subject matter experts help you achieve wellness success

Our Corporate Wellness Services

In-House Activities For Employees

Engage employees through in-house activities, incorporating physical sessions such as Yoga, Zumba, or CrossBody to promote both mental and physical well-being

Psycho Analytical Test Evaluation

Streamlining the hiring process for your organization through a customized psychoanalytical test by our in-house psychologists

Disease Awareness Sessions

Provide in-house and virtual sessions on disease awareness and precautions

Sessions With Specialists

To encourage mental health at the workplace and to educate employees on managing a work-life balance, managing stress

Installation Of Digital Kiosk

For instant digital health checkups within the company premises.

What Value We Offer?

Our Wellness program encompasses healthcare services for your organization.
Value for Organization
Value for Employees
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