MedIQ Partners with Transworld

MedIQ Smart Healthcare partners with Transworld Associates, Transworld Home to empower their employees with quality, cashless and paperless hybrid healthcare services

This partnership aims to alleviate the financial strain of medical costs, prioritizing employee well-being and fostering healthier, more productive lives. MedIQ’s cutting-edge cashless healthcare solution promisesses seamless health coverage, sparing employees the burden of hefty medical expenditures

The MOU signing ceremony unfolded at Transworld’s Islamabad headquarters, with Dr Saira Siddique (CEO) and Osama Janjua (CGO) representing MedIQ, alongside Transworld’s Naveed Ahmed Malik FCA(CFO/EVP), Sheraz Karim (Head of HR), Sheikh Taimur Nawaz (Director Marketing), and Muhammad Ishtiaq(Head of Compensation & Benefits).

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