MedIQ Teams Up With R&D Altanova

Great News! MedIQ Smart Healthcare is transforming how companies manage Employee Health Benefits. If you’ve been handling it in-house, it’s time to upgrade! 

So this time MedIQ Smart Healthcare is thrilled to announce a game-changing partnership with R&D Altanova, a forward-thinking employer dedicated to employee well-being. 

With MedIQ, say R&D Altanova is opting for a Cashless Digital IPD Pool Fund & Claims Management solution. Empower your organization with streamlined, digitized, and hassle-free healthcare management.

This collaboration is all about providing top-notch In Patient (IPD) services/Holistic Employee Health Benefits through MedIQ’s advanced Integrated Healthcare Management Solution. Altanova, recognizing the need for comprehensive and user-friendly healthcare benefits, has chosen MedIQ as its trusted partner.

Altanova values MedIQ’s proven expertise in not just IPD Management but the entire healthcare spectrum—management, administration, cashless services, and claims handling.

By trusting MedIQ, Altanova is on a mission to revolutionize employee healthcare experiences and set new benchmarks in Employee Health Benefits.

Ready to elevate your employee healthcare experience?

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